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I only recently tried Brussels Sprouts again since refusing them as a young kid. I have found that it is really all how you cook them. Here is a recipe I came across adding them into a pasta dish.

Seasoned lightly with grapeseed oil and a little salt lots of pepper.20120723-144520.jpg

Roast in the oven while you cook pasta and sausage

I cooked sausage in its own pan so that I could cook halfway removed slice and wipe down excess grease from pan.

I added about a quarter cup of pasta water to thin out the stickyness once mixed together.


I think this recipe shows how to roast the sprouts as an everyday side dish or added into this pasta recipe.  You can make a double batch and have as a side dish and use leftovers here. Either way this is a great recipe that is filling and very tasty

Pesto pasta with chicken sausage: The Pin The Website