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Touted as a replacement for french fries and I just so happen to be a fry connoisseur so lets check it out.

Lets begin with a head of cauliflower cut into small pieces

Next seson with oil (I used grapeseed) and a tiny bit of salt and some pepper

then bake (I also made baked avocados see that review here)

As I said, I thought this Pin looked interesting since they are saying they are “just like french fries”.  Um no.  Don’t get me wrong these are very good and I will make them over and over as a veggie side but they are no replacement for french fries.  For someone looking to cut a craving I am sure they will work if you add more salt than I did but still no french fry.  I do have a hard time with side dishes and it is nice to find good ones that are easy and this is pretty simple.  Mine didn’t even have to cook for a full hour and I only turned them once.  Bake them while you prep the rest of dinner and have a healthy side dish.

Baked Cauliflower Poppers: The Pin The Website