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A few months ago I bought a Basil at my Trader Joe’s and set it outside.  Two days later I go to retrieve some leaves for dinner and all that’s left of it is sticks.  I couldn’t believe that in 2 days I lost a large basil plant to the local brown snails.  I really wish I had before and after pictures.  I was shocked.

Later that week I went to the Green Thumb to get worms for the Worm Factory and saw a package for carnivorous snails.  Sounded kind of gruesome but once I thought about it I decided that one animal eating another is better than poisoning an animal to death. I decided that when I started working on the garden I would come back to pick up these snails in hopes that it will keep the brown snails from eating all my plants.

Once I was ready I picked up the snails at the local Green Thumb brought them home and stored them in the fridge until I could release them.  I released my Decollate Snails into the garden last night.  (Please note the chipped nail polish.  This is proof Ive been working hard in the garden)

Following the release instructions on the package I released them under the rose bush, under the tree and blackberry bush as well as below the Camilla.

I realize I may have to buy more later to restock my garden as there isn’t much organic matter to feed on right now and they may leave the area in search of food.  But now that the blackberry bush, mints and basil are outside I am hoping they survive the next few days.