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First and foremost, I do NOT do bathrooms.  I am scarred for life from cleaning them as a child and have assigned this horrendous task to my husband.  Trust me I have my fair share of chores to do to make up for the fact that he is stuck with this job.

Being the nice wife that I am when I saw this concoction on Pinterest I decided to tell him about it.  I was also nice enough to mix up the concoction for him!  He took it upstairs and sprayed down the whole shower pretty good, coating the tiled walls and shower door.  I will warn you that if you really get offended by the smell of Vinegar this is not for you.  My whole bedroom smell like vinegar for the 3 hours that this was in the attached bathrooms shower.  It was strong.  I figured I would be taking a shower that afternoon so I could just ‘rinse away’ the blue magic.  Um not so fast.  BIG WARNING: Shit is slippery!!!!!  I start the shower, get in and almost kill myself right away.  Should have known better.  Also I left this for a little longer than they recommended and for some reason I was expecting this to just rinse off.  Well it didn’t.  I rinsed most of it away with some remaining on the doors and in the grout lines but my husband showered immediately after me and just took a sponge in the shower with him to wipe the remaining amount away pretty easily.

Here is before and after:

I do think that this worked pretty good and will probably use it again in the future.   I would like to try it with my Honest dish soap and see how effective it works in comparison.  I’m not sure I like all the ingredients in Dawn but can’t find links on the internet to get the full list of ingredients.

As I finish this I am beginning to realize I may have gotten tricked into cleaning the shower.

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