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This isn’t directly from Pinterest more Pinterest inspired.  I have so many projects I want to make from Ana White that it find it inspiring me in other ways.  I wanted a new trellis for my climbing rose and when I went to buy one I was shocked by the $50 price tag.  Here is one I made for A little less than $15.

At Lowes I purchased 3 1″x2″x6′ white wood boards and 4 poplar craft boards that are 3/8 x 2 x 24″.  I had the guy at Lowes make a cut on one of the 6′ board so that it was 4′ and 2′.  I laid out the 3 boards used Gorilla Glue and nails to secure the top board.

Then flipped it and placed the remaining poplar boards lower down.

I did all this in about 10 minutes and only used a level when first securing the top board.  Mainly because I was lazy and just wanted this done quick.

The hours reviewing project plans on Ana White have given me the imagination and courage to attack something simple to save myself lots of money.