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December 2nd of last year my husband and I received the keys to our first home.  It was a short sale that took us from July to December to close on and that was considered fast for this type of purchase.  Since this house was a smelly mess and left vacant for 6-12 months we had soooo much to do before we could move in.  I was 7 months pregnant when we got the keys to our new dump home.  It would take every weekend (including the previous weekend where we broke into the house to rip out the carpet before we got the keys) and a handyman working 6 days a week to get us moved in for Christmas weekend.

Now our son is 5 months old and life has settled a bit we are starting to focus on our projects list.  Our back patio is nicely paved and has a built-in barbecue that unfortunately was not taken care of and will need to be revamped as a later project.  The patio cover needs to also have some of the boards replaced and be repainted.  But I really wanted to start working on the garden.  I want some of the existing plants and palm tree removed which is being done this weekend so I could visualize what to put where.  I picture the garden to mainly be an edible garden and our front walk up a cutting garden.

Here is what the back patio looks like right now:Climbing rose to go on new lattice and the plant to the right is being removed.

Bye Bye palm tree!!!!  Blackberry vine to go in the ground

Succulent to go.  Eventually the barbeque will get a new hood, new doors and a new counter top.   Weed cleanup

Pretty messy right now.  There is a lot of dirt loss to make up for and nutrients need to be added to the new soil.  After this weekend it will be interesting to see how it all starts to come together! Sunday I will post pics of the progress made this weekend.